Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

BCC Dallas exists because we want to ENGAGE people right where they are.

We want people to have a life altering encounter with God.

BCC Dallas seeks to help people encounter God by presenting God’s timeless truth in clear, creative and relevant ways, encountering God in lively worship, and demonstrating Godly character by serving others inside and outside the building.
We want people to experience the love of God.

BCC Dallas welcomes ALL people into a loving community by reaching and welcoming the faithful, along with the faithless, the hurting, the lost, the frustrated, the depressed, the addicted, and the confused.  Welcoming those exploring faith and valuing them as God does.  Fostering authentic relationships that model God’s grace.  Offering truthful, loving, and Bible based teaching where the Word, Will, Love and Heart of God are taught.  Offering small group fellowship opportunities where people experience knowing & being known, loving & being loved, serving & being served, and celebrating & being celebrated.
We want lives to experience real change to look more like Jesus.

BCC Dallas promotes life transformation by encouraging faith commitments to Christ and teaching the Bible and cultivating the spiritual disciplines.
We want to EQUIP believers to become disciples of Jesus.

BCC Dallas seeks to intentionally create an environment of Spiritual Growth by equipping Christ’s followers with the tools needed to give Him their best, using their spiritual gifts and investing their resources to further God’s kingdom.

We want to EMPOWER those disciples to go out into the world and share His good news, engaging more people right where they are, making more disciples who make more disciples.

BCC Dallas will spread the good news of Jesus by allowing the Power of God to work in and through us as we get outside the walls of the church building making an impact, beginning in our community, until God is famous throughout the world.

The Vision

The vision of BCC Dallas is to:

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